HomePay Announces Strategic Partnership with Excel Hardware and EZID

November 29, 2023

HomePay Announces Strategic Partnership with Excel Hardware and EZID

The renovation industry will never be the same again. HomePay has joined forces with Excel Hardware, a leading name in hardware supplies and EZiD, the revolutionary platform that connects homeowners directly to leading interior designers in Singapore. These three companies share a common vision of creating a hassle-free, secure and reliable renovation experience for all homeowners in Singapore, while building trust in the interior designers of today. The MOU signing between these three companies marks a significant step towards the ultimate goal of making renovation nightmares in Singapore a thing of the past and creating peace-of-mind for all homeowners. 


HomePay: Redefining Financial Security in Renovation

The rampant horror stories of homeowners facing financial turmoil due to ‘interior designers’ absconding with their renovation funds, as well as dishonest IDs skimping on quality or introducing various hidden costs during the renovation process have plagued the industry for far too long. This in turn has also caused honest and hardworking interior designers to face defaulted payments, embezzlement and so on. That is why we at HomePay have created an innovative solution, to build trust between both parties and prevent you from putting your hard-earned money to waste!

HomePay is Singapore’s first renovation-exclusive escrow payment app, with a wallet system that is MAS-approved. With HomePay, homeowners do not have to worry about getting hoodwinked by renovation scams! This is because your hard-earned renovation funds are held securely in a DBS custodian account, only to be released to your ID firm upon the satisfactory completion of predefined milestones. This safeguards you against contractors or IDs who might try to take advantage of your trust in them!

If that wasn’t enough, as soon as you enter into a contract with your ID on the app, you are automatically assured by HomeProtect. HomeProtect ensures that if your ID’s company closes down out of the blue, another vendor will take over the renovation project and complete it according to plan, at no additional cost!

IDs can get onboard the convenience and security of HomePay as well! HomePay caters to the distinct needs of IDs by offering distinct interfaces for business accounts and sales designer accounts, ensuring a seamless workflow for project management and sales. The financial transparency of the platform provides business accounts with a comprehensive view of payments to prevent embezzlement as well as establishes trust between ID and client. With a secure payment structure, where clients prepay each tranche, IDs are ensured of prompt payments and financial security. HomePay also empowers IDs to close deals faster by creating formalized promotions, streamlining client acquisition and project initiation.

Excel Hardware's Commitment to a Safer Renovation Space

Excel Hardware is a leading hardware, furniture and tools supplier in the renovation industry. As a Singaporean brand catering to both homeowners and interior designers since 1998, the folks at Excel Hardware have seen their fair share of struggles faced by both parties and are committed to making the renovation experience better for all.


Championing the cause for zero-renovation nightmares, Excel Hardware has wholeheartedly committed to onboard all their Excel Preferred Partner (EPP) IDs to HomePay.  EPP IDs are amongst the best in the industry, with qualified track records and quality work that meets Excel Hardware’s stringent standards. With an industry leader like Excel Hardware and their EPP IDs at the forefront of this cause, we can expect other companies to follow suit and make the renovation industry a safer and more trustworthy space.


EZiD's Strategic Role in Industry Outreach

EZiD is Singapore’s leading renovation platform that connects homeowners directly with the top, reliable interior designers that our island has to offer. Led by Ryan Tan from Overkill, EZiD has also joined forces with HomePay to amplify the marketing and branding aspects of the initiative. Recognising that the goal of eliminating renovation nightmare begins with awareness, EZiD will utilise their platform to reach more homeowners and interior designers and showcase the benefits of HomePay’s solution. With the exposure brought about by EZiD, we can hope that more Singaporeans can see that secure and hassle-free renovations can be easily achieved in Singapore and choose HomePay as their preferred method to pay.


David Ng, A Visionary Leader 

Of course, this collaboration would not be possible without our cool boss, David Ng! David is the Chief Executive Officer of HomePay and brings with him a wealth of experience and vision from the technology industry. With feats such as founding the mobile game publisher GoGame and turning Linksys into a household name under his belt, David is a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary.


As a venture partner of Venture Capital firms TNBAura Singapore and Mocha Ventures Lichtenstein, David's leadership at HomePay drives transformative changes in the renovation industry. Under his keen guidance, HomePay has grown to become more than a method—the all-in-one app now not only provides financial security for you, but also streamlines workflows and project management processes for interior design firms!


A Transformative Partnership for a Renovation Revolution

With the synergy between HomePay, Excel Hardware and EZiD, you can expect the landscape of the renovation industry to undergo a profound shift. This collaboration represents more than just a partnership, but a collective commitment to making renovation nightmares in Singapore a thing of the past and fostering trust in today's interior designers. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with both companies and we can proudly say that a secure, hassle-free, and trustworthy renovation journey is no longer just a dream, but a tangible reality for every homeowner!