Imagine a world where renovating is an experience to be enjoyed, not a stressful event to worry about.

A world where you spend less time worrying about losing large sums of money.

And more time enjoying the experience of creating your dream home.

We felt very strongly that it’s time for a better payments solution to curb renovation scams in Singapore.

The current renovation landscape
The renovation industry is one of the industries with the highest number of CASE complaints. We believe that HomePay will help to greatly reduce this issue.
Our commitment to homeowners
HomePay is committed to making the renovation process as simple and as safe as possible for all homeowners in Singapore and Asia.


Never be left in the lurch again. Our platform ensures that your renovation gets completed according to plan, even in the event of a sudden cessation in your engaged ID's firm.
Dispute Filed
Quality surveyor arranged for 25 Feb.
Dispute Resolved
Funds in escrow are now returned to you.
Our mission is hard but worthwhile.
We aim to make renovation scams a thing of the past. Homeowners deserve a modern solution to the problem of paying for renovation works without any solid guarantees.
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Created by founders with a vision for safer reno payments.

David Ng, CEO
Eric Tan, CFO
“HomePay was born out of my desire to create a secure platform that eliminates payment scams and fosters a strong sense of trust between designers and customers.

With HomePay, we are committed to revolutionizing the way renovations are paid for, ensuring that each project progresses smoothly.”
David Ng, CEO
“Our escrow payment system, meticulously designed with the needs of both interior designers and customers in mind, ensures that funds are held securely until projects are successfully completed.”
Eric Tan, CFO

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