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“HomePay's escrow payment system provided me a greater sense of control during my renovation”
Nicole Tan | Homeowner
Payment Approved
Tranche 1 (Kitchen)
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Electrical Works
Loved by Homeowners, Trusted by Interior Designers
Secured in DBS Custodian
Powered by MAS Licensed MPI

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Simply download the HomePay app, verify your account, and make a transaction to stand a chance to win a brand new Tesla Model 3.
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How do I verify my account?
Simply complete your registration at the sign-up page via SingPass or manually, and a verification email will be sent to your email.
When does the draw end?
The HomePay Grand Draw period is from the 14th of February to the 31st of December, 2024.
How will I know if I win?
We will be announcing the lucky winner of the brand new Tesla Model 3 at a later time. Do stay tuned to our socials for the latest updates!

Experience peace of mind on your next renovation.

The HomePay app keeps your money safely in escrow. The funds are released in stages only when you’ve reviewed and approved the completed works.

Before HomePay

After HomePay

Built as a neutral platform to protect your funds.

Leave nothing to chance through HomePay’s formalised payments system. From initial agreement to the final payment, HomePay ensures that you are protected.

Signed Agreements

Renovation contracts are signed by both parties in the HomePay app for clarity.

Payment Tranches

Approve payments for each tranche only when you have verified the works.
Renovation Works
Tranche 1 - (Kitchen)
Renovation Works
Tranche 2 - (Bathrooms)
Renovation Works
Tranche 3 - (Living Room)


In any case of unforeseen cessation of your engaged ID firm, we'll protect your interests.

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Never be left in the lurch again. Our platform ensures that your renovation gets completed according to plan, even in the event that your engaged ID firm ceases operations suddenly.
Dispute Filed
Quality surveyor arranged for 25 Feb.
Dispute Resolved
Funds in escrow are now returned to you.

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Your ID will create a project on the HomePay app based on your specific needs and requirements.

Review and approve your new project

Create your wallet and e-sign the project contract after reviewing the project’s cost, tranches and works.

Experience a calmer renovation process

Approve payments as the work is done in stages, in accordance with the pre-agreed-upon progressive payment tranches.
Payment Approved
Tranche 1 (Hacking Works)
Pending Approval
Electrical Works
Built-in Trust
HomePay’s wallet system is powered by MAS Licensed MPI and securely stores your funds in a DBS custodian account. All renovation funds are held securely in escrow and will only be released in stages according to the terms of your renovation agreement.
Built-in Trust
HomePay’s wallet is powered by MAS Licensed MPI and securely stores your funds in a DBS Custodian Account. The funds are held securely in escrow and will only be released in stages according to the terms of your renovation agreement.

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Interior Designers
HomePay App
Pricing & Security
What are the platform fees relative to those charged by other Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services in the industry?
Will Homepay be able to offer advice for new homeowners dealing with IDs? As many of us mainly want to use Homepay due to the rise in renovation scams
Under what circumstances should I deny works done by my Interior Designer?
What does HomeProtect mean for homeowners?
Under what circumstances will HomeProtect not be extended to me?
Will HomePay be able to manage our important renovation documents such as contracts?
Is there a default time interval between each payment, or can I decide on it manually?
Can I decide on the payment tranches for my renovation project?
What is HomePay?
What can be done in the event the client refuses to approve the payment?
Why should I use HomePay as an Interior Designer?
How can my Interior Design Firm sign up on HomePay?
What is HomePay?
Why should I use HomePay?
How can I ensure that the Interior Designer will not run away with my payment?
What will happen if my project is incomplete?
Do I need to pay to use HomePay?

Your favorite payment methods are supported.

By using the HomePay app, you get to use your preferred credit or debit cards safely with industry-leading low transaction fees (2%).

Alternatively, HomePay also supports bank transfers for a zero transaction-fee experience.

Loved by homeowners.

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“I'm so excited for the HomePay app to release after trying it out with the team, it will make my renovations so much less stressful. So much more convenient to have it all on one app”
"After seeing what HomePay can do, I wish it was available when I did my renovation earlier this year. Seems like a much more secure way to handle renovation payments, especially with such large sums of money involved."
"HomePay will seriously lessen my uncertainty level when it comes to making payments for works that still needed minor retouching. I don't have to think anymore as the money is safe in escrow."

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